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Now is the time for our young people – Blog #41

I moved away from Sunderland in 2015 to Glasgow for university. Whilst there, I studied a course all about Glasgow as a city, with a focus on its reinvention as a city of culture. Learning about Glasgow’s industrial and difficult past and then witnessing the transformative effect that the city has now undergone I couldn’t help but draw comparisons to my own home city and imagine what effects the 2021 City of Culture bid would have for Sunderland. Needless to say, it has made me very excited about the bid and the possibilities that await Sunderland.

Even though I’ve lived away for two years, Sunderland will always be home for me and being away has only made me realise how much I love the place. Millie RobertsI’m so proud of where I’m from and I absolutely love when I’m in Glasgow and people ask about my accent and where I’m from. I’m proud to carry that little bit of Sunderland with me wherever I go. I’m even more proud of the Sunderland people as I think we’ve often been unfairly overshadowed by our other northeastern neighbours. However, since getting involved with the bid I’ve learnt so much more about my city which has only made me question why we haven’t already been named a city of culture! I’m ashamed to say that I’d grown up in Sunderland not knowing nearly enough about our cultural history. I think moving away for a while made me realise what you take for granted when you live somewhere and end up forgetting how much your city has to offer. Therefore whenever I visit home now I make sure to visit all the Sunderland landmarks that I miss while I’m away!

As a young person from Sunderland I have so much for which to thank the city. It’s gotten me to where I am today and has shaped the values I have and my outlook on life. Since moving away for university I’ve genuinely felt like I’ve been missing out on everything that’s been going on at home and I’m so jealous of the young people living in Sunderland now! There’s never been a better time to be a young person in Sunderland and there are so many exciting opportunities. I think #Team21 are going to be fantastic and I’m so proud that our bid will be shaped by the amazing minds of Sunderland’s young people. Now is the time for our young people especially to be involved in creating the kind of city that you want to live in.

Sunderland is a city of people that have soldiered on despite constantly having the odds stacked against them and I believe it’s finally time for us to shine. It’s a very interesting time for Sunderland both politically and culturally and I feel we’re on the edge of something very big happening. We’re proud people but I don’t think we shout about ourselves enough. We have so much on offer and now is the time to get together and make some noise. We have an amazing opportunity to showcase exactly what Sunderland is about and I implore everyone to get involved. Back the bid and let’s finally get Sunderland the recognition it deserves!

— Millie Roberts, Sex and Relationships Educator (@Sexpression_Gla)

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