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Technology – Blog #51

The following poem is a written by the students from George Washington Primary School about Inventiveness and Digital Culture. It was presented at Washington Old Hall during the 4th July celebrations. We liked it so much we thought we'd turn it into a blog!


I wake up each morning,
when my android makes noise.
Technically speaking,
he’s just one of my toys.

Call me lazy,
but I try to save time.
Microwaving my breakfast,
is not a real crime.

Before I dance,
with my electric toothbrush.
Straight for the inbox,
I dive in a rush.

With the click of a mouse,
I outsource my work.
Through Amazon reviews,
I search for my perk.

I won’t wait for weeks,
demand it today.
Another PS4 game,
I can’t wait to play.

I attempt to snap out,
from my wired realm.
It seems like technology,
is right at the helm.

I drive half a block,
to the grocery store.
Technology is friendly,
and opens the door.

I finally use
my dry mouth to speak.
I’m definitely rusty,
and sound like a freak.

Why can’t they get a robot,
to slice the meat.
My disappointment,
I eagerly tweet.

At the checkout,
I have a clear choice.
Use a human
or a machine with a voice.

I return to my office,
my game has arrived.
My ancestors were truly,
technology deprived.

This poem describes the typical day of someone living in a culture in which people are surrounded by technologya digital culture. Digital culture is a concept that describes the idea that technology and the Internet shape the way we interact, behave, think, and communicate.

Digital culture is the Internet, social media, selfies, live streaming, Apple Pay, wearable technology, emojis, mobile phones, the cloud, augmented reality, online shopping, drones, 3D printers … the list is endless. Digital culture is many things   but it all boils down to one: the relationship between humans and technology. These ideas are often overlooked as technology becomes second nature to us.

Today, modern technology is used by many people to enhance or alter our quality of life. We thought about some digital innovations that we feel are having a positive and important impact on our lives and the lives of others.


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