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Penshaw Monumnet

Connect! 2016

Sunderland has the chance to see a unique evening art event happen at the Museum & Winter Gardens in October this year. We’ve been shortlisted in a nationwide competition by artist Marcus Coates.



Marcus asks: ‘Can we use the museum to find insight into the everyday questions we cannot solve?’

He wants our community to join him at the Museum in a night of mass revelry, with improvised performance and creativity. People will be able to bring him the questions they want answering about anything – the politics of the town, global issues or personal problems. Fire up your inspiration surrounded by objects like the 1920s diving suit, an Egyptian shabti and Wallace the lion!

We need your vote to bring Marcus to Sunderland.

The voting opens at 11 AM on Friday 29 April and you can vote at:

The winning partnerships will be announced on Monday 16 May.

Marcus Coates is a leading contemporary artist best known for his performances and installations that employ shamanistic rituals to engage with the natural world, including Goshawk (1999) where Coates was suspended in a pine tree in order to view the world as a bird of prey.

Duvet Den (billboard image), 2000 commissioned by Grizedale Arts

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